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Get Rid of Scope Creep

Once & For All

Download this value-based proposal template and turn scope creep into additional revenue. We show you how to use this proposal to eliminate scope creep and sell your services based on VALUE (instead of an hourly rate). This proposal has a win-rate of over 90% when used to acquire over a dozen clients for 5 figures. Listen To Proposal Overview

Here’s What's Included in this Proposal Package:

  • The Editable 8-Page Proposal Template I Use to Close 5 Figure Marketing Deals
  • Solution to End Scope Creep and Pathway to Earn Revenue When it Happens
  • Question-Set to Establish Objectives, Project Value, and Measures of Success
  • Tips on How to Get a Verbal Agreement Before You Even Present Your Proposal
  • The Framework We Use to Execute Marketing Strategies and Tactics
  • One-Page Digital Marketing Plan Visual and Marketing Funnel Template
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As a Bonus … Here’s What You Also Get:

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    Email marketing campaign that generated over $100,000 in 90 days, a cold email campaign that had a 14% reply rate & countless warm leads, and an email campaign that won a $360,000 deal.

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    Discovery questions, PowerPoint presentations, proposal agreements, and scope of work templates that we use to win new clients 90 percent of the time, for 5 figure marketing service contracts.

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    Marketing execution framework that we use to align project stakeholders, managers, and developers. This framework gives everyone a clear-line-of-sight and will make you look like the G.O.A.T marketer.

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    Hundreds of marketing tactics, tools, and trends in the digital flashcard library, over 30 real-life marketing stories, and proven marketing hacks that helped us scale and grow marketing operations.

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Here’s What Some Colleagues Have To Say

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Anthony is a talented marketing professional with a wide range of experience cutting across multiple industries. His skills range from digital design and site optimization strategies to social media programming and new business development. He also has excellent user & customer experience perspectives that help him develop game changing growth ideas that bridge the traditional world with innovative digital engagement solutions.
Author Pic Craig Apatov 3-Time CMO
Each of my biggest successes at (removed company) are tied to memories of Anthony. His talent, consultancy, & leadership of the NYC Search Engine Marketing team were relied on heavily by our sales team. Detailed, patient, & thorough, as needed in the complex greater New York market, Anthony designed landing pages, ad copy, & targeting to yield high-quality lead conversions. I consider him an expert in digital marketing.
Author Pic Melissa W. Sr. Marketing Consultant
I worked directly under Anthony as an SEO/PPC Analyst and was blown away by his knowledge base and intangibles. He possesses both the marketing acumen and innate problem-solving skills to assist any team or organization in their desire to grow and evolve. Anthony gives and earns the respect of those around him and epitomizes what is means to be a leader.
Author Pic Nicole F. Sales Recruiter
Anthony mentored my start-up company, Songboarding, during the “What’s the Big Idea?” pitch competition, sponsored by Knoxville Entrepreneur Center. Anthony played a significant role in us winning the competition. He has a great marketing mind and exudes confidence when making tough decisions. Simply put, Anthony made creating a marketing strategy look easy and we are a better business because of his mentorship.
Author Pic Mike Benn CEO, Songboarding
Anthony created a visionary working plan for the College's continuing educational programs, hired and supervised new staff, managed the workflow of the College. Anthony brings a complete toolbox of skills to his work. He is creatively gifted and he understands how to manage large projects and personnel, whether they are talent, staff, or contract partners.
Author Pic Jim Stretch, Ph.D. Assistant Dean
To manage workflows and priorities, Anthony instituted new procedures to streamline our marketing department's work-orders and fulfillment process, resulting in more efficiency. He managed multiple projects by creating a project plans and overseeing that all milestones are met on time. He is knowledgeable about graphic design concepts, typography and color usage, and his input makes each project more effective and attractive.
Author Pic Christine P. Creative Director
To work with Anthony on the development process for multiple projects together, he never treated me like a boss and client relation, he always treated me like a partner. To work with Anthony has been a pleasure and dream client. Anthony brings calmness, patience and a moving ahead approach to all project workflows. It has always been a pleasure to work with Anthony.
Author Pic Dennis C. Project Manager
Anthony proved to be a great team member working on a number of events fundraising for student groups. I was very grateful for Anthony's leadership and skill in realizing and sustaining the project. As skilled and professional as Anthony is he is also a very personable and professional individual. He works well with people at varied skill levels.
Author Pic Kathryn Ervin Chairwoman

The Who, Why, How, and What You Need to Know

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Who is more_vert

Anthony Ragland?

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Anthony Ragland?

Anthony is the Creator, CEO, and CMO of CMO Swipe File™.

He has over 22 years experience as a marketing practitioner. He holds a degree in computer science. And, he went from intern, to CMO, in his career.

Anthony was mentored by one of the founders of Priceline.com, he became marketing director for the heavyweight boxing champion, a search engine marketer managing $200k per month in paid ads, a copywriter whose words have earned millions, and head of marketing at a software company that grew from $2M to $50M in annual recurring revenue.


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CMO Swipe File?

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CMO Swipe File?

If you’re someone who wants to level up your marketing knowledge, generate better marketing outcomes, and earn more money from your marketing skills … then you’re someone who would benefit from having a membership to CMO Swipe File.

You clicked on this website for a reason. You’ll looking for a career advantage. Anthony’s guidance and CMO Swipe File can help you level up, continuously improve, and earn more money.

When you join CMO Swipe File, you get Anthony’s proven swipe files, proposals, frameworks, toolsets, hacks, templates, recommendations, and more. You can use these proven assets to your advantage.


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CMO Swipe File?

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CMO Swipe File?

If you like what you see and want to test drive a membership for one-month … it’s a one-time payment of only $49 (no recurring payments).

But … right now is our early bird launch period … and a one-year membership to CMO Swipe File is only $196 (regular rate is $490). If you join for one year today, you will get 8 months for free. This early bird special is for a limited time only.

Memberships to CMO Swipe File may be tax-deductible. According to IRS Tax Topic 513, work-related education is tax deductible if you are using it to educate, maintain or improve your skills in your present job, career or profession.


What’s included in a more_vert


What’s included in aclose


CMO Swipe File members will enjoy the members-only area. It was custom designed to provide you with a clean user experience and accelerated learning experience.

While building the members-only area, we were obsessed with information architecture and user experience design.

Our job was to present hundreds of swipe files, tool recommendations, real-life marketing stories, and growth hacks to you in an easy to consume way on mobile, tablet and desktop screens. It took us 9 months. But we did it … we did it for you.

Join today and experience CMO Swipe File for yourself. See you on the inside.