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You can download and edit our marketing swipe files, which includes our most successful copywriting & digital marketing campaigns, our 6-figure marketing proposal template, our UX/UI designs, and dozens of other proven marketing resources.

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Current Swipe Files for Download

Comes with Editable Adobe InDesign, PDF Files and Instructional Videos

  • 6-Figure Value-Based Marketing Service Proposal Template & Agreements
  • Omnichannel-Integrated Marketing Communication Funnel Strategy & Tactics
  • The One Page Digital Marketing Campaign Diagram & Strategic Plan
  • The Most Important B2C, B2B, & SaaS Customer Discovery Questions to Ask
  • A Cold Email Marketing Campaign that Earned Over $100k in 90 Days
  • An Email Marketing Campaign that Secured a $360k Deal & Over 100 Leads
  • A Bundle of B2C, B2B, & SaaS Wireframes for UX/UI Design Projects

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