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When You Add Audio To Your Blog Articles You Add Value

We’re in the era of audiobooks, podcasts, and Clubhouse.

Audio adds convenience… convenience adds value. So it’s time to elevate your blog articles by giving readers the option to listen.

As you will see from our micro blogs, we’ve given our readers the ability to listen. It takes more time to right a well-written blog article, than to record a MP3 of you reading the blog article.

What’s more, by you reading your blog articles aloud, you will become a better editor of your writing. You’ll be able to hear misplaced or erroneous words, and make your writing sound more conversational.

There is only pros associated with adding audio to your blog posts.

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Microlearn About Blog Audio Today

I invite you to microlearn about blog audio for the rest of the day. We challenge our subscribers to start a daily microlearning habit of stacking their marketing knowledge. Our subscribers dedicate 10 minutes of their morning to read (or listen) to our daily micro articles. And then, they pledge to continue to microlearn and expand their marketing knowledge about the topic the rest of the day. Microlearning is the fastest way to learn about modern marketing.

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