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Be A Marketing MicroLearner & Avoiding Edutainment

The best marketers I know are autodidacts. Self-taught people. If I’m honest with myself, self-learning is one of the aspects I enjoy most about marketing.

But in that pursuit to sharpen our saw and stay ahead of the curve, it’s easy to waste time. And even spiral down a rabbit hole of (mis)information.

In our current era of ‘like, comment, & subscribe’, I’ve seen a lot of marketing coaches and courses shift their focus to edutainment… you know what I’m talking about… videos that are more entertaining, than educational.

To be a skilled marketer, you need to invest your time in real, bonafide learning… and there is no better type of learning for a marketer than microlearning.

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Microlearn About Edutainment Today

I invite you to microlearn about edutainment for the rest of the day. We challenge our subscribers to start a daily microlearning habit of stacking their marketing knowledge. Our subscribers dedicate 10 minutes of their morning to read (or listen) to our daily micro articles. And then, they pledge to continue to microlearn and expand their marketing knowledge about the topic the rest of the day. Microlearning is the fastest way to learn about modern marketing.

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