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, let’s think about customer-centric marketing.

In this use case scenario … ACME Corporation is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product for program managers.

To date, ACME’s SaaS product has 10,000 active users. But customer support is overwhelmed with tickets.

Their SaaS product is available at 2 monthly subscription rates.

For companies with 1-to-10 program managers, it’s $249 per month. And for companies with 11-to-20 program managers, it’s $449 per month.

Also, ACME offers a custom monthly rate for enterprise companies that have more than 20 program managers.

Without any targeted marketing efforts, ACME has acquired a dozen enterprise accounts. Those accounts add up to 3,000 of ACME’s 10,000 active users.

Three months ago (before they hired you to be the new CMO), ACME sent a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to their 10,000 active users.

The results show ACME has a “10 NPS”. That’s ok, but it’s not good, and it’s definitely not great.

The SaaS industry average is a 31 NPS.

As CMO, you understand the value of voice-of-the-customer (VoC) research. So, you take a deeper dive into the NPS survey data to look for patterns.

The NPS survey produced over 3,000 (0 to 10) scores for question #1 (On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to refer ACME to a friend or colleague?)

And, over 1,000 written answers to question #2 (Why did you give us that score?).

Upon analysis of the written answers to question #2 … you learn that 70 percent of your detractor NPS scores (0 to 6 scores) and negative feedback came from users at ACME’s 12 enterprise accounts.

This is an immediate causation to plan and launch a customer-centricity program at ACME Corporation.

How to Approach Customer-Centricity:

It’s important to note that customer-centricity does not mean what most people think it means.

Most people think being customer-centric means having great customer service and support.

But that’s not what it means.

Customer-centricity means treating customers differently, based on how much they pay.

As an organization, it means that ACME must shift its approach to customer experience.

With collaboration and support form CEO, CRO, COO, and other stakeholders …. the marketing department will launch a company-wide, customer-centricity program.

The program will provide 3 levels of customer experience.

The 12 enterprise accounts at ACME will receive a superior customer experience.

The $449/mo subscription accounts will receive a great customer experience.

And the $249/mo subscription accounts will receive a good customer experience.

The objective of the program is to provide a better customer experience for enterprise-level clients and attract more ent

Customercentric businesses generate greater profits, increased employee engagement, and more satisfied customers.

How to Approach the Project:


How to Plan an Outbound Strategy:

Based on

How to Get Started:

    1. Use a tool like
    2. Use software like
    3. Use software like

Next Steps:

    1. Analyze the data
    2. Present your
    3. Meet with
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Saturday March 7, 2020 3:05 PM EST

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