Introduction to Stories

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Dear ,

You’re probably wondering … what is a marketing use case?

I’m glad you asked.

You can think of a use case as a fictitious, but real-life marketing scenario.

Instead of using a real company name, we use ACME Corporation (a fictitious company) in each use case.

Our writing style makes you think. And it’s easy to read.

In my experience, to be good at marketing, you have to be a good thinker.

Marketing minds are analytical, creative, strategic, and systematic.

Our uses cases are written in story format. And we convert our use cases into podcast like audio files … so you can listen on the go.

We show you how to get started, how to approach the marketing campaign, and how to execute marketing strategies.

Our goal is to save you time and inspire you forward.

Now here’s the fun part.

You play a valuable role within each use case. We want you to imagine yourself as the new CMO at ACME Corporation.

Your job as CMO is to plan and execute ACME’s marketing strategy.

As you probably know, the hardest thing to do in marketing is to “execute a strategy.”

So, we want to help you think through it. And offer you a simple framework to help you execute better.

You can read, or listen to our marketing use cases to gain a clear-line-of-sight into your marketing objectives.

We hope you enjoy these use cases, and the immersive learning experience they provide.

We built this section to save you time, inspire your thinking, and help you create better marketing outcomes.

Let’s get started!